Christmas suggestions: Football/ Futsal, Swimming and Trail/Outdoor

17 December 2021

Christmas suggestions: Football/ Futsal, Swimming and Trail/Outdoor

Christmas suggestions: Football/ Futsal, Swimming and Trail/Outdoor

Are you ready for the second part of our Christmas suggestion guide? Just like a good collectible notebook, we've gathered together for you the best from all the major sports. Discover our gift suggestions for Football/Futsal, Swimming and Trail/Outdoor.


This time we have gathered several sports within the same category, as they use similar equipment. However, the structure of the list of suggestions remains the same. The values are very diverse, as well as the products themselves. All this to give you a range of items that covers almost all the type of products you'll find on our site.

To sum it up very quickly, in the first part of the guide we have talked about Running, Fitness, Skateboard and Padel equipment. We have mentioned clothing, in particular tops, footwear and some accessories like watches, mats, armbands and rackets. In this second part, you can expect to find the same range of products, but for today's sports.


football and futsal

These are the sports that usually get the most attention. King sports for some, a fun escape with friends for others. The truth is that any player, be it Football or Futsal, can't miss a good pair of football boots or trainers. Our recommendation is the most recent pack from Adidas Performance: the WhiteSpark. This pack from the German brand has an option for every terrain. For Football, we highlight some Predator Freak, with Demonskin technology, for a greater control and precision and with a futuristic and irreverent design. Besides the white upper combined with three metallic stripes and spikes, these boots have a split cut in the sock, which increases the range of movement and improves the foot's adaptability to the game. They are the football boots that stand out the most in this pack for their design. For Futsal, we suggest the Copa Sense, specific for pavilion. Their exterior is made of leather and synthetic materials, with a Sala rubber sole for better grip. Their interior, in turn, stand out for their EVA midsole.

Depending on the position the player is in, there may be many confrontational moments during the games. Therefore, a good pair of shin guards is a must. We have a very varied offer, but we choose to suggest you the Pro Predator 20, thus matching the football boots and trainers mentioned above.

If, by any chance, you are looking for something for the team's goalkeeper, how about the Phantom Shadow gloves from Nike? They have a great grip, breathability between the fingers and an almost perfect fit to the wrists.

On another perspective, no game can lack the main part: the ball. The one we highlight is the Nike Pitch, but on our website you will find many different brands and designs. To finish this category, don't forget that you can never go wrong with a t-shirt.



In Swimming, there is not much to explore. There are four basic items: swimsuit, cap, goggles and slides. In this suggestion list you will find two of them, with options for both men and women.

The brand of choice is, of course, Speedo. Founded in Australia, Speedo is known for manufacturing products that are used by medal-winning Olympic athletes. Quality aside, our suggestions show how diverse the brand is. Especially when it comes to swimming goggles. The Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror are very futuristic, with their mirrored and hydroscopic lenses and their hydrodynamic design. The Future Biofuse Flexiseal, on the other hand, are more basic. However, that doesn't stop them from being equipped with Speedo Biofuse technology for cushioned comfort.

When it comes to swimwear, it's all a matter of personal taste. The Speedo Dive have been chosen as a suggestion for men thanks to their Endurance 10 fabric, highly resistant to chlorine. Furthermore, these shorts retain the shape of the body, providing good elasticity and fit. For women, we have chosen the Endurance Medalist model, which has the same technology and has been developed for quick drying. As you would expect, on our website we have other options, both for adults and children that may be perfect for gifting. There are, just like the suggestions we gave you, simpler models, but also dynamic versions with patterns and prints.


outdoor and trail

If in today's first category we put two sports together, in the last one we'll do the same, for exactly the same reasons. As most sports are better when done with company, we present an option for men and for women. This way, you'll be able to give the best gifts to the person who usually goes with you.

Exploring nature, whether running or walking, has to be done with the best footwear, which guarantees traction, support and comfort. For women, we suggest the Salomon Supercross 3. With the SensiFit technology, these trainers feature a Quicklace lacing system that guarantees greater adaptability to the foot. In addition, the Supercross 3 have a Contagrip outsole. For men, on the other hand, we suggest the New Balance 410v6. With a discreet silhouette, these trainers have a complex upper composed of highly durable overlays. In turn, the built-in AT Tread sole ensures the all-important traction.

If you're not sure how much your partner wears, why not bet on a jacket? There are versions designed for warmth, like the Adidas Multi Terrez Primegreen, but there are also waterproof options for when the days are rainier. The North Face Resolve 2 is one of the examples. When you get warmer or no longer need them, you can always store your jackets inside the Adidas Terrex Agravic backpack. It was specifically created to be used on trails, thanks to its lightness, breathability and ergonomics.

This Christmas, bet on practicality and don't forget the magic. Offer products that make a difference in the lives of those you love most. The countdown to Christmas has begun and you need to hurry if you want everything to arrive in time for the passbook to close. By the way is there anything you would add to our suggestion lists? 

Merry Christmas!

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