Christmas suggestions: Running, Fitness, Skateboarding and Padel

10 December 2021

Christmas suggestions: Running, Fitness, Skateboarding and Padel

Christmas suggestions: Running, Fitness, Skateboarding and Padel

Welcome to the first part of the Christmas guide you won't want to miss. Just like a good collectible notebook, we've gathered together for you the best cards from all the major sports. Discover our gift suggestions for Running, Fitness, Skateboarding and Padel.

Before we start, it's important to mention that we've prepared a gift guide for you that will help you when choosing gifts for your loved ones (or even for you). It is divided by sports, by values or by categories: women, men and children. Choose the best way to search and have fun while browsing the magic of your Christmas.

For this list we'll be highlighting sports, so you can also get a better idea of what you'll find. Today it's time for Running, Fitness, Skateboarding and Padel.




Let's start this list with all the boost you can imagine. An easy word game that leads us to the first suggestion: the Ultraboost 21 trainers. Whether for men or women, these trainers will help any runner to improve their performance thanks to their responsive cushioning. Don't forget the 4 steps you must follow when choosing a running pair of trainers, and pick up speed.

Probably the second most important thing in running after trainers is socks. That's why they are essential in this list. Sure, getting socks for Christmas may not be much fun, but these aren't just any socks. Prevent Sprain socks, as the name suggests, are designed to reduce muscle fatigue and increase ankle stability. Basically, to prevent any sprain.

However, if by some bad luck that happens, you'll need to have your mobile phone with you to call for help. Dramatism aside, the arm bag is essential. Whether it's to keep track of your route, listen to music or, in fact, call for help, your mobile phone is indispensable during a run and you don't want it jumping around in your pocket. That's why we suggest that you wear it on your arm with an Asics armband.

If you don't want to risk too much and you're not convinced by the suggestions we've given you so far, what about a t-shirt? You can never go wrong there. We have plenty of options like the Adidas Run Logo or the Nike Dri-FIT UV Run Division Miler.



Keeping the structure of the Running list, let's start the Fitness one with footwear. Admittedly, the Fitness spectrum is quite wide, so we've chosen two versatile suggestions. For men, the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4. For women, the Adidas Strutter. Two very different options, but both with high soles and comfortable.

As in most of your fitness training you might need a yoga mat, it's without much surprise that we bring it as a suggestion. As well as being used for modalities that focus on flexibility, this mat is ideal for a workout in the park, like for that sit-up repeat you really need to do or even for a stretching session. Best of all, there are several colour options from which to choose.

So that you can monitor your efforts and boost your workouts, we also suggest an Innova Fitness Storm watch. Suitable for IOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 (minimum), this watch will count calories, distance, heart rate, steps, time and will monitor sleep. Again, if these suggestions are risky, you can always go for clothes like Nike windbreakers or Adidas sweatshirts to keep you warm on these colder days.



Now let's move on to a completely different sport that will take you outdoors, even when it's cooler. For some, seen as a culture, Skateboarding is a sport that is attracting more and more attention. So, we bring you a good kit for any lover of the sport.

First of all, of course, we have the skateboard itself. Our offer of both decks and skateboards is very varied. We brought you the Element Seal as an example, but we have an option for every taste. Another thing you mustn't forget is safety. That's why we suggest the Pro-Tec Old School helmet. All sports are good, as long as they are done properly.

If there's one thing that no skater can be without, it's wax. Especially for those who like to practise manoeuvres such as grinds and slides. To finish the Skateboard list, we had to include a flat-soled pair of sneakers, like these Converse All Star Low. From 35 to 45, All Star never disappoint.






Where to start if not with a padel racket? A real essential item that you really must have, whether you are a pro or a beginner. The Volt rackets are a safe bet, made 100% in carbon. As it's not convenient to carry your racket around with you, how about a Head bag? This way, you'll be able to go everywhere, efficiently, with a stylish bag, designed to ensure the preservation of your racket.

To finish our list of suggestions, we couldn't fail to mention footwear for the practice of Padel, Adidas Performance is full of options like the CourtJam Bouce, for women, and the Solematch Bounce, for men. Get ready with the right items to knock your opponent out.

For now, these are the suggestions for you. If you haven't found your favourite sport yet, don't worry. The second part of this list is just around the corner. Until then, enjoy and make some magic this Christmas!

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