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Converse x Levis


25 June 2019

Converse x Levis

Converse x Levis

Converse All Star x Levis: how to style

The Converse All Star first launched back in 1917 and it still is one of the best-selling sports sneakers ever. Evolving from a sports trainer to an all time staple, these sneakers are a go-to whatever you’re wearing.
Another classic are the Levis’ clothes – an item that revolutionized the way the youth dressed and that keeps being part of today’s essentials.
But if you still need some help giving that extra touch to your outfits, we got your back with some tips on whats ON right now and how you can use a pair of Converse with your Levis favourites.

Denim - always a winner

Going all denim isn’t really a new trend, but it is a style that people find polarizing, either because they’re not big into monochrome, or because they’re worried they’ll come off a little too strong. The key to doing it right? Making sure your whole ensemble comes from the same exact fabric.
If you still don’t like this idea, just add some denim pieces to your looks to spice them up and to keep yourself trendy. Mom jeans, a denim jacket, shorts – typical Levis’ items – or a pair of Converse!

Spring feels 

Midi dresses and shorts – especially Levis’ shorts, have been IT lately, right? Many fashionistas have said that the secret to getting a midi dress or shorts outfit right is all down to the choice of shoes. And what do you pair them with, to get that casual-chic look that’s been rocking this
year? Your pair of Converse, of course!

An all white look 

Never be afraid to rock a trend, even if it might be a bit intimidating. But it is essential to play with textures to create a noticeable sense of structure and shape when wearing an all white outfit.
If you’re still not comfortable with this trend, you can simply go for some statement white items!

An all black look

Keeping up with the monochrome vibes…
The most important part of wearing all black isn’t what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Don’t doubt yourself and rock the all-black look without a second thought. The perfect way to finish this kind of outfits off is, without a doubt, with a pair of classic Converse. There is no question!


A pop of Summer colours 

Adding a pop of color can add a lot of life to a look. You can do it with handbags, earrings, scarves, headbands, coats or sneakers... Don’t be scared to take the risk!

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