Munich: from Spain to futsal

29 October 2021

Munich: from Spain to futsal

Munich: from Spain to futsal

The brand is Spanish. Its name is from a German city. The trainers are for futsal. An unexpected mixture that brings us the best futsal footwear.


If you are interested in futsal, you have probably already come across this brand: Munich. Maybe you don't recognise it by name, but you surely know a type of trainers that have an 'X' on them. Well, those are the famous Munich.

The brand was born in 1939 in a post-Civil War Spain. Firstly under the name of Berneda, in honour of the creator Luis Berneda, who manufactured trainers for rugby, futsal, handball and boxing.

It was in Luís' family that the company would grow and become what it is today. In 1953, it entered the world of athletics with the founder's sons, Luís and Francisco, who were responsible for the name change in 1964. From the next generation and at the turn of the millennium, Berneda's grandson took Munich into the casual dimension, inserting streetwear into the brand catalogue. Nowadays, only 46% of the footwear that the company produces is directed to sports.


The Barcelona company takes its name from the German technology that inspires it to manufacture its products. However, this continues to be made in Spain, going to a third country, in this case Italy, to get the design. Basically, these are products with a very strong European culture, coming from a company that knew how to take advantage of the futsal boom in the 80s.

As you can imagine, a good trainer is a basic requirement to play futsal and, in this field, Munich couldn't be more helpful. Considered by many as the brand with the best trainers for this modality, Munich has trainers with superior quality material, with models in synthetic leather or kangaroo leather and with extra resistant rubber soles.

With options in various colours, some more eye-catching than others, Munich trainers are very comfortable and have extra protection in the areas of greater contact. They are designed to avoid possible injuries and to keep up with your running, without slowing you down.


Munich is an internationally recognised brand. Its product is based on four pillars: history, modernity, innovation and character. Through them, dynamic, comfortable, original and quality products are developed. The design of the trainers you will find in Bazar Desportivo combines style with skill, and some of the models are handmade.

To talk about futsal and not talk about Munich is practically impossible, so discover all the models we have available on our site.

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