On Running: running in the clouds

08 October 2021

On Running: running in the clouds

On Running: running in the clouds


With On Running you will realise that it is possible to run in the clouds, whether at speed or at a slower pace.


Talking about the On Running trainers’ is talking about several elements of nature. We already mentioned that at a comfort level, the On are compared to the clouds, but their creation is related to sand and the beach. Confusing or strange? We explain.

It all started with a Swiss engineer running near a beach on a holiday in Florida, USA. The runner realised that his legs felt less tired when he ran near the sand and that it would be interesting to always have that feeling. At the same time, Olivier Bernhard, three-time world duathlon champion and winner of several editions of the Ironman, a triathlon race, was determined to dedicate himself to finding the perfect running shoe. An idea and an ambition that came together as soon as the two met.

In the following years, the experience in running and the knowledge in engineering allowed the development of the idea of what would become On Running. Several prototypes were made and the potential was so great that Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann decided to join the project. So, in January 2010, On Running was officially opening its doors in Zurich (albeit figuratively), with Bernhard, Coppetti and Allemann at the head of the company.

On Running Cloud

The mission of the three partners was to produce exclusively in Switzerland, change the world of running and revolutionise the feeling of running. On a technical level, they wanted soft landings and explosive take-offs. The success was such that the company won an ISPO BrandNew Award with the first prototype they launched. To understand the merit, the ISPO is one of the most important awards in the field of innovation in sport. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the model was further proven in 2011 with a study by the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. In this trial, it was confirmed that athletes who run with On trainers have lower heart rates and lower levels of lactic acid in their blood.

It was in 2012 that the brand launched the first racing trainers, the Cloudracer, and created the Cloud model two years later. The Cloud are the lightest cushioned running trainers in the world, which gave rise to a whole family with specialised models.

In Bazar Desportivo you will find four models of the On Running Cloud. The base is similar in all. The mesh is breathable, antimicrobial and comfortable, thanks to the mix of soft fabrics used in the leather and the seamless reinforcements. Unmatched in versatility and flexibility, the On Cloud combine state-of-the-art running technology with style, making them the perfect trainer for any situation. They come in three colours: black, white and blue, with two models for men and another two for women.

On Running Cloud

On Running has already given concrete proof that it produces quality footwear. From participations in podiums of Olympic games to partnerships with professional athletes like Roger Federer, the On are ideal for any running lover. According to the brand, running with an On is like running on clouds, releasing the full potential in running.  This is achieved thanks to the CloudTec technology, which reduces muscle fatigue, guarantees multi-directional cushioning and allows a high grip to the floor.

Maybe you don't know the brand yet, but On Running will still be a lot more to talk about.  Invest in your running and discover a new way of doing the sport you love the most.

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