Puma Faster Football Pack

03 September 2021

Puma Faster Football Pack

Puma Faster Football Pack

Puma has already given us great news. Now, we have one more: the Faster Football Pack.

Maybe the name has already given you a hint of the feature that makes this pack so special, but we'll explain it all to you in detail. Launched in July, the Faster Football Pack comes equipped with the latest technical improvements and the boldest colours. The aim is to take you from fast to first place. By the time your opponent notices, you've overtaken him.

And how does Puma want to do that? With the Puma Ultra 1.3 and Future Z 1.2.


Puma Ultra 1.3

The ideal partner for the most demanding games

Puma Ultra 1.3

Made in a metallic red, the Ultra 1.3 will revolutionise your game with an explosive and colourful speed. This is, according to Puma, the fastest boot on the market.

Built with a lightweight MATRYXEVO fabric, the Ultra 1.3 has carbon and mono transparent filament yarns in its constitution. The upper is combined with a new SpeedCage to create a more complete and multifaceted support for extra speed. In order to make this model as light as possible, in the upper you'll find transparent and open areas, like windows that let you see part of the foot.

Besides all of this, the Ultra 1.3 includes a GripControl Pro leather, giving the model a texture that will give you a greater control over the ball. On the sole level, you'll find a fast and light PEBA SpeedUnit, thanks to its running DNA.


Puma Future Z 1.2

Freedom of movement

Puma Future Z 1.2

From red we move to electrifying blue with the Future Z 1.2. With similar specifications to the Ultra 1.3, the Future Z has been created without compromise so you can overcome any challenge you find on the pitch. These boots have been designed for creative and rebellious players who want to enhance their game.

In addition to having all the characteristics of the Ultra 1.3, these Puma boots adjust to the foot thanks to the FuzionFit+ compression band, which will give you more agility. By fusing the compressive band with the asymmetrical Dynamic Motion System outsole, you'll have access to indescribable support and unparalleled braking.



See them later!

The Puma Faster Football Pack wants to increase the speed of the game and help break down barriers. With the motto "See Them Later", this collection wants to build a movement: that of doing things differently and embracing change.

Puma Future Z 1.2

This launch marks a turning point for the German giant and the world of football. You can expect to see this boot collection on the feet of Neymar Jr, Antoine Griezmann and Kingsley Coman, but more than that, this pack is made for women like Nikita Parris and Dzsenifer Marozsán. This is because Puma has pledged to encourage and support the development of women's football with this collection, thus continuing the work it has done over the past few months with the She Moves Us movement.

In addition to a unisex model, the two boots in the Faster Football Pack have a version adapted specifically for women, taking into account the female anatomy. The version for them has a narrower silhouette, a reduced midfoot volume and tapered studs.

This is something that Puma wants to continue to do with its next releases to, in this way, manage to give all athletes the necessary tools to achieve the best results.

Puma Ultra 1.3

Puma Faster Football Pack



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