The Japanese art of Mizuno Morelia

24 September 2021

The Japanese art of Mizuno Morelia

The Japanese art of Mizuno Morelia

Mizuno is a Japanese brand that goes hand in hand with innovation and science.

From early on, the company founded by Rihachi Mizuno and his brother Rizo focused on developing products that would lead the industry. Originally established under the name Mizuno Brothers LTD in 1906 in Osaka, the brand began through Rihachi's interest in baseball.

It was precisely in this sport that the Mizuno brothers focused their interest. They began by manufacturing orthopaedic products, which earned them the recent title of the brand that knows the most about feet, and quickly turned to manufacturing baseball equipment. This was at a time when the sport was not very widespread in Japan.

Over the years, Mizuno expanded its business into other sports. Golf, skiing and football in the 1920s, tennis and athletics in the 1940s. It was specifically in 1928 that the brand introduced the aspect of creating football boots, which at the time were heavy and used nails as studs.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta Japan MD FG

The Morelia model was originally launched in 1985, at a time when the brand's Runbird logo dominated the design of the models. Advertised as an extremely lightweight boot, the Morelia was a success, and the current model remains almost identical to the original. They weighed 245 grams.

Since then Mizuno has managed to break through a world dominated by Adidas, Nike and Puma. According to the brand, the Morelia were on the feet of the 1999 FIFA Player of the Year, as well as the athlete who won the Golden Ball that year. Players such as Rivaldo, Nakamura, Hulk, Aimar and Gianfranco Zola are just some of the athletes who preferred the boots of the Japanese company.

It is all part of the Mizuno Morelia story today. Featuring the 'Made in Japan' label, the football boots are hand-made and are of an impressive premium quality. With attention to detail, every property of the Morelia is designed to bring the athlete to their best performance. Manufactured by expert craftsmen, no boot is like any other. The result is a unique, premium quality leather boot.



The right choice for premium quality

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta Japan FG

As we told you before, the Morelia has kept its style since its creation over 35 years ago. The colours have changed, the quality has changed, but the design has remained the same. Now it's the brand's turn to introduce the Mizuno Morelia Neo III. Designed to bring speed and acceleration to a new level, these shoes have a sole with stud stabiliser to ensure traction and stability in any direction. The upper is made with ultra-thin premium kangaroo leather and a B-mesh collar that adjusts to the shape of your foot. Add all this to the lightness of the model, wearing the Mizuno is almost like being barefoot.

The latest model weighs approximately 180 grams and you can find it, on our website, in three different colour schemes: silver, black and blue with red. The sole is rounded, the toe box soft and the heel arch hard for more support.

The football boots in black with bordeaux details, including the Mizuno Morelia II, are part of a special collection called Venom, which highlights the model in more mysterious colours. The lighter model is part of the New Wave Pack, which combines tradition with performance. The white, blue and red football boots were launched to celebrate Mizuno's history and legacy.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III B Japan FG

With the slogan 'Never Settle', Mizuno continues to be at the forefront of revolutionary football boots. Get in touch with the Japanese brand and reach your full potential with the Mizuno Morelia football boots.

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