The new Adidas WhiteSpark Pack

05 November 2021

The new Adidas WhiteSpark Pack

The new Adidas WhiteSpark Pack

The new Adidas football boot pack was announced on the 26th of October. It's called WhiteSpark and features three of the brand's hit models in lighter colours.


The WhiteSpark pack hit the market this week with the latest updates to the X Speedflow, Predator Freak and Copa Sense models. As the name suggests, this pack bets on white to light up your game, looking like a true white spark, with details in red and metallic grey.

The latest football boots from Adidas want to help you reach your peak performance, in a world where it's more important than ever to stand out and be the best. Athletes such as Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah and Gabriel Jesus are just some of those who will now be seen with these football boots on their feet.

Adidas WhiteSpark

The new X Speedflow+ football boots feature the Carbitex Speedrame technology, which will allow you a greater acceleration and an explosive propulsion on the pitch. In turn, the Primeknit upper has been combined with the mesh Primeknit Speed Collar, which results in a better fit of the football boot to the foot. Another detail that deserves a mention is the Sprint Spike Last foundation with a vacuum fit, which was developed based on feedback from athletes that work with the brand.

The Predator Freak X+ use Demonskin technology, for greater dominance and precision and with a futuristic and irreverent design. Besides the white upper combined with three metallic stripes and spikes, these boots have a split cut in the midsole, which increases the range of movement and improves the adaptability of the foot to your game. These are the football boots from the pack that stand out the most for their different design.

Finally, the Copa Sense+ combine several innovative technologies like Sensepods, Touchpods and Softstuds. This design will allow you greater comfort when touching the ball and absorbing impact. The upper is composed of FusionSkin material, which combines leather and Primeknit in a virtually unnoticeable way.

Adidas WhiteSpark

Set the pitch on fire with this new spark from Adidas and play with the best gear and the best style. Discover the whole pack on our website and pay attention to what really matters!

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